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Girls Program

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The Girls Academy is the leading youth development platform for the female soccer players in the US.

The DPL is designed to expand the Girls Academy (GA) player pool for participating clubs.

The competition provide teams with the some highest possible level of competition at the regional levels.


Birth Years: 2016 (U8) - 2005 (U18/19)

The WCFC youth teams are positioned in the most competitive leagues for the development of our players. The purpose of these platforms is to provide top level national competition and to maximize player opportunity and visibility. The WCFC Programs are designed to provide a different level of play to match their current level, commitment, and potential.

Players must demonstrate the highest level of commitment to training at all times in order to maintain physical and mental readiness for competitions as roster positions and playing time are 100% earned on merit and never guaranteed. Teams are formed from the strongest players across our entire player pool and require a yearly commitment.

The WCFC Girls program consists of 3 leagues that sit at the top of the soccer development pyramid for every top club in the United States. The Girls Academy (GA), Development Player League (DPL), and National Premier League (NPL) provide top level national competition platforms for elite youth athletes in the country. The purpose of these platforms is to provide a player-centric environment, meaningful games, high standards that member clubs are required to adhere to, and most importantly to maximize player opportunity and visibility. WCFC Girls teams follow a highly challenging and intricately designed curriculum aimed at preparing players for top college programs, professional trials, and opportunities with national teams.


WCFC Program Benefits

WCFC is recognized for developing confident players and developing excellence through a consistent and comprehensive training program.

WCFC strives to provide its players with professional level training, the best possible playing environments and to develop and nurture the skills & confidence necessary to play at the sports highest levels. We pride ourselves on the ability to get a player to the next level, collegiately or professionally.

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