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Concussion Awareness

CDC Heads Up Concussion Awareness

There is a great deal of up-to-date and important information available on the CDC website (Center For Disease Control) regarding concussions. You may also choose to access content which pertains to players, parents and coaches.

CDC Heads Up To Parents - Information For Parents

CDC Concussion Fact Sheets:




WCFC recognizes the potential danger and long-term health consequences of concussions. Parents and players are strongly encouraged to learn about concussion symptoms and treatment from the above-listed links to the CDC website. Any players suspected of having incurred a concussion should be removed from play, treated and should not return to practice or play until given clearance by a medical professional.

Further information can be found regarding concussions, their symptoms and effects, here.

Concussion Awareness Training and Certification
All WCFC registered coaches are required to take Concussion Awareness online training and certification on an annual basis in order to fulfill their duties with WCFC.

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