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Girls DPL Program

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Development Player League (DPL)

The Development Player League (DPL) is designed to expand the Girls Academy (GA) player pool for participating clubs. The league creates a highly professional training environment and competitive model for aspiring GA players, bridging the gap between club soccer and Girls Academy soccer.

The DPL provides a clear pathway for players who show the potential to make the jump to the GA level of play. The DPL teams will offer players who excel to have the opportunity to be called up for their respective GA teams. This structure provides an expanded pool of aspiring GA players with more exposure to the GA training model and level of play, while allowing them the time they need to develop. Founded on the ideology of the full GA program, the DPL provides a development structure that focuses on playing more meaningful games with highly professional game day environment, more training, high level coaching, development before winning attitude, and great exposure in major college showcases events.

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‍The Girls Academy is the leading youth development platform for the best female soccer players in the United States. We are the only national youth soccer platform that represents the collective vision of member clubs and actively engages the voice of the players to take real ownership of the league.

We embrace the desire of club members and players to maintain an unrivaled standard of excellence in coaching, competition, and regional and national showcase events throughout the year.

Girls Academy Conference Alignment 2023 / 2024

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