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Girls Academy Program

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Girls Academy

The Girls Academy (GA) is a member-led league that currently includes 59 elite level clubs, including 45 former U.S. Soccer Girls’ DA clubs across the country. The GA consists of like-minded clubs who insist on a standard driven approach that enhances development for our players, coaches, and club. The GA provides elite female athletes with a true national pathway and competition platform that allows them to have various talent identification opportunities both for league play and at showcase events that maximize visibility by college coaches and youth national team scouts.

By unifying DA clubs from conferences across the country we have found a way to maintain several of the defining standards of the Development Academy with flexibility in two key areas; permission for all players to participate in High School Soccer and revising the substitution rules to encourage clubs to better utilize their player pools, especially when showcasing their players to college coaches.

The GA will be made up of six conferences including: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-America, Southeast, Frontier, and Southwest. The GA plans to have cross-conference matches, college showcases and a national championship series during its inaugural season.

The biggest change in the Girls Academy is the flexibility allowing players to participate in high school soccer depending on individual club guidelines. New substitution rules will encourage clubs to better utilize their talent pools, especially when showcasing players for college scouts.

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‍The Girls Academy is the leading youth development platform for the best female soccer players in the United States. We are the only national youth soccer platform that represents the collective vision of member clubs and actively engages the voice of the players to take real ownership of the league.

We embrace the desire of club members and players to maintain an unrivaled standard of excellence in coaching, competition, and regional and national showcase events throughout the year.

Girls Academy Conference Alignment 2023 / 2024

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