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College Program

Finding the right fit

West Coast FC is proud to provide a comprehensive college preparation program. We strive to educate parents and players about the recruitment process and provide guidance in identifying soccer programs and universities that will be a good fit for their future. High school aged players gain access to recruiting tools and resources that prepare them for the demands of college.

There are three collegiate associations within collegiate soccer that all have slightly different rules and restrictions when it comes to recruitment and participation. These associations are NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA.

Encourage you to seek excellence – Statistics show that nearly 90% of high school seniors playing soccer in the US do not make it on to college soccer.  With nearly 100,000 high school seniors in American soccer clubs, and 8,000 – 9,000 roster spots for incoming freshman each year open in college soccer, it is clear that making it to the next level will not be easy. WCFC aims to help players understand the importance of training everyday to improve on all aspects of their game. It is also important that players take the same approach in the classroom, and we will always be a reminder for the importance of grades and academic achievement in the recruiting process.

Finding a School – We’ll provide you with a framework by which you can start to gain clarity on what kind of a school you are looking for and what kind of school will suit you best, so that you can bring greater focus to your search efforts.  We will encourage you to be open-minded and give consideration to schools from all divisions and in all parts of the country.

Gaining Exposure – We are always seeking out the top college showcase events around the country for you to be seen by as many different coaches possible.

College ID Camps – College ID camps are excellent opportunities for college bound soccer prospect to be evaluated in a more intimate setting. Prospects can attend ID camps that are specific to a particular college or attend ID camps that features coaches from multiple institutions. Additionally, ID camps provide opportunities to be coached by college coaches, which is a great opportunity for on-field personal interactions. It is also a valuable experience to train in a college atmosphere.

Scholarships: Biggest Myth of College Soccer – You are going to get a “full-ride” – Fully funded D1 programs are allowed 14 Scholarships, while fully funded D2 programs are allowed 9.9 scholarships. This means coaches of the best funded programs in the country are putting together a team of 25+ players with less than half that many scholarships. NCAA Division III schools have no athletic scholarship money. NAIA does have money, but fewer regulations.

What a College Coach looks for in Recruits

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